Salvi Salvi Wifler

About Us

Salvi Salvi & Wifler established is roots in 1952, when the firm's founder, Albert Salvi moved from Chicago to Lake Zurich to start a family and open his law practice. Soon after arriving in Lake Zurich, Albert quickly gained a reputation as a skilled attorney, handling mostly civil litigation, divorce, and estate planning work. In 1964, Albert was elected a Magistrate Judge, a part time position that allowed him to continue and grow his law practice. As Albert's practice expanded, so did his family. Albert and his wife Marita, raised 9 children in Lake Zurich, 5 of whom are highly successful practicing attorneys.

In 1984, Albert's son, Michael, joined the firm after graduating from law school, and in 1990, Peter Wifler, Albert's son-in-law, joined Albert and Michael as a partner after practicing in a large Chicago law firm. Another Salvi son, Joseph, joined the firm in 1991 and became a partner soon thereafter. Albert passed away in 2003, however, the firm retained its name in honor of its beloved founder. In January 2013, Joseph left the firm upon being bestowed the high honor of receiving an appointment as an Associate Judge for the Circuit Court of Lake County.

Albert established a solid reputation of trust and a work ethic which he passed down to his sons and son in law. The firm has grown over the years, handling work for clients from all over Lake County and the surrounding Northern Chicagoland area. SS&W clients include second and third generation families, who continue to place their trust and guidance in the firm and its exceptional attorneys.